Best Short-Term Rentals

Best Short-Term Rentals

Whether you are planning a weekend with your family, or jigging fishing trip.

Join us for a day or three. We have the best Cast Away Island-getaway.

 Your choice of a cabin stay adventure. Fishing & Tour adventures for you and your companions.

Our rentals are geared up for weekends or 4 day trips. Offering best prices in the industry.

Our Cast Away Adventure rental service includes a great selection of enjoyment. Beach walks, hiking, fishing, shore line lunch. Or just relax beside the beach and tan.

With many Amenities you could need for your holidays.

Our rentals also vary in price, so we have a Trip for every budget. 1 day or many, please support our Newfoundland culture.

Traditional dory ride to Governors Island Sword Point. To, start your adventure to cabin island-getaway.